J. Earle Bowden - Audiovisual

From J. Earle Bowden Collection

This page contains digitized audiovisual materials that are about or reference the work of Earle Bowden.

Video Clips

  • On February 23, 2015 BlabTV released a video entitled Celebrating J. Earle Bowden.
  • Earle Bowden was the guest speaker at the February 25, 2014 meeting of the Rotary Club of Pensacola.
  • Earle Bowden was interviewed for a WSRE TV feature entitled Gulf Islands National Seashore - The Treasure of the Gulf Coast.
  • Earle Bowden was interviewed for the Pensacola News Journal on September 18, 2014 during the opening ceremonies for an exhibit at the WUWF gallery featuring his cartoons.

Audio Clips

  • Earle Bowden was interviewed by WUWF radio concerning the donation of his "career collection of editorial cartoons at the UWF Library." (September 18, 2014)