Did you change your spring break plans because of the virus? From what to what?

Mine did not change because Covid was noticed on the tail end of spring break, but my friends had spring break later than i did and they were stuck at home.

How did you feel when you were informed the remainder of the semester would be held online?

It ruined the labs, and I don’t think I really learned anything after they went online.

Where will you be living while courses are held online? Is this a change from usual?

My apartment, the same as before.

What has been your experience with moving classes online? What’s good? What’s not so good?

The labs have lost all that was fun about them, but I did appreciate the fact I got to sleep in and do my work whenever as long as I turned it in on time.

How has the virus (and the precautions taken to prevent it spreading) impacted your daily life?

The gym connected to my apartment was closed, and my roommate lost her job. We tried to work through Instacart, but it was hacked not long after we started and the company doesn’t care to fix it because they make money either way.

How worried are you about getting the virus?

Well, when Amy, my roommate, worked at Sacred Heart that was a possibility, and we still go out almost like nothing has changed. I knew it was a possibility but it didn’t seem like something that would happen to me.

Do you know anyone who has gotten COVID-19?


Are you staying in? What are you doing to pass the time?

I’m staying in more than usual, but its not nearly as much as a change as you would expect considering we’re under quarantine. I passed the time with my switch and talking with my friends and family over text, and the occasional 5 hour long call.

Are you going out? Where do you go and what is it like?

I would go out shopping pretty frequently and all grocery stores have arrows showing which aisle you can access and some stores are no longer taking returns. It was funny to see some of the things people wore in public to protect themselves.

What is giving you hope and/or strength right now?

I have none, I have been off my antidepressants since last May and I should not have been off them in the first place. However, during all this I did place an appointment, which will be in June, to get back on them. All I have is the foolish uncertainty that I won’t get Covid.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about what you’re feeling or experiencing right now?

This has been surreal and all too real at the same time.