COVID-19: The UWF Perspective

Allison D. Reynolds, Senior, Marketing

My online experience has been good. I just miss interacting with peers face to face.

Anonymous, Faculty, English

Zoom doesn’t have that same personal touch, and students seemed disoriented and emotionally flat.

Emerson Leon, Senior, Philosophy

I don’t leave the house anymore, I stay at home all day and I wear more masks when I do go out.

Anonymous, Freshman, Clinical Lab Sciences

This has been surreal and all too real at the same time.

Zachary Toole, Sophomore, Graphic Design

I’ve noticed that losing the rhythm of going to class every day has lowered my motivation to do work.

Anthony Lord, Sophomore, Sports Management

I am staying in; working out, getting all my school work done, studying the playbook, watching documentaries, and playing video games

Sophia Walther, Freshman, Special Education

I knew I would miss the physical interaction in my English class.

Jhabriunna Williams, Senior, Health Sciences

Sometimes I am anxious, worried, or stressed. Other times, I am happy and ready to tackle the day.

Morgan Peppers, Graduate Student, MBA

A collective understanding of flattening the curve is the core as to why I find staying at home essential. I understand that this is only a short period of life, and that I have at least a year to graduate and, therefore, I have wiggle room to find quality jobs.

Claire Field, Senior, Environmental Science

The worse feeling has to be the lack of communication between fellow students on topics I may not fully grasp or vice versa. This also involves meeting face to face with the professor on a confusing subject.

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